Taylor Swift’s Speak Now (Taylor’s Version): Tracklist and Release Date Announced


The new Speak Now album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift features re-recorded songs. On July 7, 2023, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) will be made available through Republic Records. It is a re-recording of Speak Now, her third studio album, which was first made available in 2010. American rock bands Fall Out Boy and Hayley Williams collaborated on the album.

Speak Now, according to Taylor Swift, is an album that tells the story of growing up, struggling, taking off, falling, and then surviving to tell the tale. On May 5, 2023, during the opening Nashville performance of her ongoing concert tour, the Eras Tour, the album was revealed. Swift’s response to her 2019 masters dispute includes the album. According to reports, a French guy was apprehended for robbing 10 copies of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) from a warehouse in France and received an eight-month prison term.

What distinguishes Taylor’s Version from the original Speak Now album?

Speak Now, Taylor Swift’s third studio album, was initially made available in 2010. The CD was made to reclaim ownership of her 2006–2017 discography. American rock bands Fall Out Boy and Hayley Williams collaborated on the album. All of the songs from the standard edition are included on the album, along with the deluxe tracks “Ours” and “Superman” and six brand-new “From the Vault” songs. During Swift’s first Nashville performance for The Eras Tour on May 5th, 2023, the album’s cover and scheduled release date were revealed. Six previously unreleased tracks from the vault are included on the album.

22 songs total, including six previously unreleased songs from the vault, are present on the digital album. The album’s scheduled debut is July 7, 2023. The fact that Taylor’s Version is a re-recording of the original album and contains six previously unreleased songs from the vault sets it apart from the original Speak Now album.

What gave Taylor Swift the idea to redo her albums?

To recover control of her masters, Taylor Swift was motivated to redo the recordings for her albums. 2019 saw the sale of the master rights to Taylor Swift’s entire discography (from 2006’s Taylor Swift through 2017’s Reputation) by Big Machine Records to Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings LLC, leaving Swift without any control over her music. In order to reclaim ownership of her songs, Swift stated that she intended to re-record her first six studio albums, which were originally produced by Big Machine Records and released between 2006 and 2017.

Re-recording her albums entails the creation of fresh masters, which she will own entirely. Swift is officially re-recording her own songs as fresh recordings, creating new masters that she entirely controls. By doing this, she avoids the older masters’ owners and is able to control the licencing of her songs for commercial usage, or synchronisation.

It has been said that Swift’s decision to re-record her albums was a significant step that inspired younger musicians to bargain for greater control of their songs.

Taylor Swift speak now Taylor’s version Tracklist:

The tracklist for “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” has been revealed by Taylor Swift and includes the following songs:

Sparks Fly
Back to December
Speak Now
Dear John
The Story of Us
Never Grow Up

In addition to these eight tracks, there will be six new songs “from the vault” that were written for the original “Speak Now” album but did not make the final cut in 2010.

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